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            Start a Hair Business

            Wholesale Hair Extensions

            We offer amazing prices on the best selling weave. Your clients will love all the sew-in extensions, closures, frontals, wigs, and more!

            Buy at wholesale and sell at retail for great profits.

            BUY HAIR

            Hair Extension Branding

            Take your hair business to the next level. From start to finish we have you covered with logo design, custom hang tags for your bundles, silky packaging, labels for edge control, 3D Mink lash designs and more!

            Uplevel Your hair Business


            NO INVENTORY
            NO SHIPPING
            NO PACKAGING
            NO WAREHOUSE

            These are just some of the benefits of Dropshipping.
            We will pack your orders with your branding to make each order your own!

            Start Dropshipping Now

            E-Commerce Websites to Get You Selling in No Time!

            Our affordable website solutions will get you selling online in a snap! This is one of the toughest parts of starting a hair company and we make it easy for you.


            Hair Business Tools!

            Need some help with the business side of your hair company? Check out our tools that will help you design a free logo, calculate profits, create your terms of service, and more!


            Weekly Blog Updates to Keep You Motivated.

            Learning is going to be a key to your success. Don't miss our articles on the latest hair trends, products, branding techniques, marketing and more!


            Listen and Learn With Hair Biz Radio!

            Did you know we host the #1 podcast about the hair business? Every week we have new information and tips that will give you actionable steps to making your hair company reach the next level of success.


            Learn Online with our Hair University!

            Not sure how to manage dropshipping, your website or even just getting started? Don't worry, we have a class for that.


            Join our Facebook Support Group!

            Any new venture can be scary when going at it alone. Don't fret! We have the largest and most active Facebook group for anyone wanting to be in the hair business. Get feedback, questions answered, ideas of how to make your business better and more!

            JOIN US

            More Than Just Wholesale Hair Extensions

            The Private Label Extensions team has everything you need to start your hair extension business along with amazing support resources to make it successful.

            We are much more than America's #1 wholesale hair company!

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